Personal Accident

Personal Accident

Personal Accident

Personal Accident Insurance offers financial compensation in the event of bodily injuries leading to total/partial disability or death caused due to accidents. This policy ensures the financial stability of an individual and his family if he/she gets injured or unfortunately dies in an accident.

Who Should Buy Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal Accident Insurance is essential for everyone, irrespective of their age, occupation, and health. Ideally, you should buy this plan as soon as you start working. It is for a fact that even after taking extensive precautions, accidents do occur. This may result in disablement or loss of limbs or sometimes even death. In that case, a personal accident insurance policy proves to be a savior. The premium of a personal accident cover depends on the occupation you are in.

What are the benefits of Personal Accident Insurance?

  • Family security
  • Worldwide coverage
  • No requirement of medical tests and documentation
  • Substantial coverage at low premium
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses
  • Education fund for children
  • Easy and hassle-free claim process

What is the importance of Personal Accident Insurance?

  • Accidental Death Benefit: This benefit provides you with a compensation of 100% sum insured to the nominee in case of accidental death of the insured.
  • Permanent Total Disability Benefits: As the name suggests, Personal Accident covers various permanent disabilities because of which the insurer cannot engage in any occupation further. The total disability could be physical separation of limbs or the loss of both the eyes which not only leads you into mental trauma, but the financial darkness can cause big trouble.
  • Child Education Benefit: ?If the insured loses his/her life due to an accidental death, Personal Accident covers for the education of the dependent children.
  • Family Security: The accidental cover provides complete financial protection to the families. Thus, it provides great support to the family and gives them some time to recover from the losses.

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