How to enable SNMP on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and above

How to enable SNMP on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and above

Note: To continue to use an Ubuntu Server as an Auvik Collector, customers will need a minimum version of Ubuntu 20.04. As of July 29, 2023, Ubuntu 18.04 and earlier are EOL/EOS and cannot be used to host the Auvik collector.

For new installations of an Auvik Collector, we recommend Ubuntu 22.04.

While these instructions are for Ubuntu 18.04, the commands are generally the same for newer versions of Ubuntu.

  1. Install SNMP
    sudo apt install snmpd snmp libsnmp-dev
    When prompted, type “Y” to continue 
  2. Make a backup of the original snmpd.conf file:
    sudo cp /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf.bak
  3. Edit the snmpd.conf file:
    sudo vi /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf
  4. Locate the following line:
    #agentAddress udp:161,udp6:[::1]:161
  5. Uncomment and modify it to match the example below. This will enable SNMP to listen on all interfaces:
    agentAddress udp:161
  6. Uncomment the following line:
    #rocommunity public  localhost
  7. Modify to set your desired community string and specify the IP address of your Auvik collector - e.g.
    rocommunity v2string
  8. Save & exit the file
  9. Reload the snmpd service:
    sudo service snmpd restart

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